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Wolves are a recurring animal species present in Squidbillies. Their based off their real-world counterpart.


Wolves are recurring creatures and characters in the series. Like Squirrels, they usually live in forests, and appear as wildlife in Dougal County. These canines are wild and aggressive, and they consist of being colored with gray, brown, and white fur.

Episode Appearances[]

Wolves debut in the show in the episode "This Show Is Called Squidbillies", where they raised Russell "Rusty" Cuyler, when he was a child for the next eleventh years of his life, as one of them saved his life from suicide. But the wolves keep attacking in several instances such as when he was riding his bike, being told to go to bed, and learning where wolf pups come from the mother wolf. Rusty ended up blowing the entire forest with over "300 pounds of nitroglycerin". Presumably all of the wolves died, however the show's Narrator explained that it was dream which was revealed to be part of another dream. Though its unknown if it happened or not.

Despite what happened in that episode, the wolves are shown to be living as citizens in Dougal County for unknown reasons, as two wolves are seen in the audience of Plumber Bubba's show in "Bubba Trubba".

Like Squirrels, some of them appear as background characters in the audiences in some episodes such as "Pile M for Murder", "God's Bro", "Velvet Messiah", and one individual wolf was a vampire in "Young, Dumb and Full of Gums"

A brown wolf is seen kissing a squid in a bed in "Survival of the Dumbest."

Wolves also appeared on Early's trucker hat in "A Sober Sunday."

A gray wolf appears in "Beast Implants", as it eats a green snake, but after sitting, the canine is then killed by Early choking the canine with the leftover snake body, a dairy cow is then beaten up by the dead wolf and dead snake corpses thanks to Early, and the wolf skin's was later used for Granny's skin.

Two wolves ate mutant chickens in "Wing Nut" but died after the chickens combusted and exploded inside their bodies.

In "Armageddon It On!", a individual gray wolf is seen in Heaven after entering Heaven's gates, implying that this wolf ascended to Heaven offscreen. Oddly enough, this wolf has a walking animation seen.

In "The Okaleechee Dam Jam", three of them are locked in a cage, which is for "Chinese wolf piss", as that urine is filled in a swimming pool with children.