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Yellow Creature is an unnamed yellow creature, who appears as a minor character in Squidbillies.


The unnamed eyeless yellow creature's name and species remains unknown as it is never mentioned in the show. We can assume that the creature came out of nowhere, as it randomly appears in a few episodes of the show. The creature doesn't speak normal language, but the creature can also be heard screeching and can make strange noises. It's unknown if this guy has taken residence in Dougal County.


The yellow creature has two large fangs, two nostrils, two little arms and legs and it wears black mask like clothing, covering half of it's body. The creature has no eyes, making him eyeless.

Episode Appearances[]

The yellow creature debuts in the pilot episode "This Show Is Called Squidbillies", where the Yellow Creature is humped by Rusty Cuyler in a colorful environment with a giant mushroom and white eyes, in the background. The creature can be heard screaming, as the Narrator claims "this actually happened."

In "School Days, Fool Days", the Yellow Creature makes a cameo in the small crowd during Rusty's cock fight with a Rooster. Later on, as Sheriff comes to interrupt the fight, the Yellow Creature jumps off the seats, and runs away.

In "Condition: Demolition!", the Yellow Creature appears as a businessman, wearing a little business suit. He is seen working with Dan Halen, and The Japanese. There studying Early and Rusty Cuyler.

The Yellow Creature reappears in "Armageddon It On!", where the Yellow Creature can be seen in background during the rapture occurring in Dougal County. The creature is fully exposed naked floating the air and the creature appears to be round as it reveals his full appearance. Its black mask like clothing is gone.

In "The Liar, the Bitch and the Bored Rube", the Yellow Creature makes a cameo in the background, along with the Japanese running from a Godzilla version of Early, in a book fantasy. His design is taken from "Condition: Demolition!".

The Yellow Creature makes a small cameo in "Ballmart." Unlike most episodes, his face is not seen. Only its backside is seen when Dan Halen was holding a giant Ballmart, which fell on the ground. His design is taken from "Condition: Demolition!", which is used again.



  • This creature was originally to appear in the episode, "Bubba Trubba", but scrapped in the final product.
  • Yellow Creature resembles the head of Space Ghost from Hanna Barbera's Space Ghost, Cartoon Planet, and Adult Swim's Space Ghost Coast To Coast.
  • Yellow Creature was originally going to have some role, in a scrapped pilot episode called "Hot Dog Fever", where he was going to be killed off, then ascends to Heaven, and turned into a god by "Rod the Anime God" from Adult Swim's Perfect Hair Forever.
    • Yellow Creature makes a cameo in the "Perfect Hair Forever" episode "Return to Balding Victory", where the creature appears flashing pink and purple in color.
      • The creature makes an another small brief cameo in both versions of the eighth episode of Perfect Hair Forever called "Muscular Distraction - A" and "Muscular Distraction - B."
        • Perfect Hair Forever's pilot episode aired on November 7, 2004, which was supposed to be the original airdate for the original Squidbillies pilot, but it wasn't ready air, and replaced by that pilot episode. This is also the same episode where this yellow creature debuted in.