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Young, Dumb and Full of Gums is the fourth episode of Season 5 of Squidbillies, it first aired on June 6, 2010 on [Adult Swim].


Dan Halen tells everyone in Dougal County that Obama is putting fluoride and other mind-bending drugs in the water supply to sterilize the town.

Early's Trucker Hats[]

  • "Don't blame me, I didn't Vote!!!"



  • The first part of the episode has to due with the lack of water in the town, the second part involves vampires.
  • Rat Poison from "The Many Loves of Early Cuyler" is seen again, Rusty put it into the "Dougal Is Delightful" water tower.
  • Dan Halen is revealed to have a skull themed Piano & a white wig.
  • President Obama mentioned due to him putting all of the fluoride & other drugs in the drinking of Dougal County.
  • Russell & Granny are seen in the waters of the lake.
  • Most of the months in this episode take place in January seen with the citizens of Dougal County fighting against the water.
  • Similar to "The Many Loves of Early Cuyler" where Sheriff & Deputy Denny grow beards when some months past, Early is shown growing a beard by the time of January starts.
  • This episode features balls of "Chronicles Of Riddick" in Early & Rusty's boat.
  • Reverend is shown going to a Halloween teeth store called "Hallo-Teeth" that Dan Halen worked at & it is full of Halloween themed hats like a skull, a clown, a rabbit, a chicken, Frankenstein's Monster and even a Early Cuyler mask is shown, there is also witch brooms, fake bloods, fake skulls, Jack-O-Lanterns buckets & fake arms & legs are shown, the floor is actually a depiction of a spider web.
  • The Cuyler's are shown eating Tacos without the use of teeth except some dentures.
  • This episode reveals that Rusty has a Cheyenne Cinnamon tooth Bluster.
  • Patrick Swayze (impostor) from previous episodes makes a small cameo as a vampire.
  • "Bubble Gum On The Cop" is a parody of Corn On A Cop, it is a part of Dan Halen's other recent products/divisions have been suffocating like his once popular line of Dan Halen's "Gnawable Ham Bones" & Dan Halen's "Shoe Leather Pizza Purse."
  • At the end Dan Halen's new plan was for the some citizens to dress up like parrots & birds & feed them mouth to mouth.

Goofs & Errors[]

  • There is a couple errors in the audience, clones of Glenn, Glenn's Wife with different colored hair like pink & black, the black colored one has darker skin, a another Billy Morton & a few other background characters like the Triangle Shaped Guy also has clones of him, are all seen in the audience, despite Glenn, Glenn's Wife, Billy Morton & a few others are listening to Dan Halen's speech, Boyd is also seen behind Granny Cuyler when she was talking, the audience repeats when they head to fight for the water.